Sunday, April 26, 2009

One More Try

So, I've decided once again to try another blog. I haven't kept up with any previous blogs I've started, so it will be interesting to see if I keep up with this one.

I've decided to make this one (as with the all the others) a chronicalling of my journey through whatever it is I'm journeying through. At this point in time, I'm experimenting with various and sundry things, among them oils both medicinal and magickal, and with herbs, a semi-passion of mine that would stop being only semi if I had space and money. However, I do what I can and enjoy it. I finally replaced my rather care-worn shredded bamboo mortar and pestle that I had picked up at the Middle Eastern market with an alabaster one. I believe it will greatly improve my mental state while grinding herbs.

The rose above is one I'm very proud of. It is one of four that is hanging out on my potted rose bush at this time, each of them looking as if they are larger than life. They are most definitely larger than the bush they are on! I will be clipping them soon to dry for various purposes, but for now I just want to look at them.

While I'm on the subject of roses, I concocted a lovely oil to wear to school the other day which greatly enhanced the protection of my peace. (As I am a teacher, I guard my peaceful moments jealously!) I call it the peace protector! It smells luscious.

Seamonster's Peace Protector

2 drops rose oil (peace with love)

1 drop chamomile (peace and calm)

1 drop carnation (to add power)

1 drop dragon's blood (for protection)

So, IF by chance any may happen this direction, enjoy the day and Blessed Be!

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