Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Monday Pentagram of Protection

It is very stormy outside as I write this. I love a good thunderstorm. However, I don't enjoy driving in them. I am a nervous driver normally, and taking the freeway for thirty miles every day to get to and from work is not my joie du jour. Driving into my parking space is probably my favorite thing to do after a long day at the school and a long drive home. When I have to drive in weather like this, and mind you, in Texas, the rain is evil, I have to do some major protective visualizations to keep my sanity.

One of the visualizations I use on a normal daily basis, before I even get on the freeway begins while I am stopped waiting either for the gate to my complex to open or for the red light at the end of the street to turn green. It is pretty much given that I will need to wait for that stoplight, so I envision a pentagram drawn out of blue fire floating in front of my car. As I am sitting there, I can make the pentagram grow larger so that it is the size of a garage door, large enough so that when the light changes, I can drive through it. I call it my pentagram of protection, and as I pass through it, I can feel a change in the energy. Once through it, I am "inside the pentagram" and am protected until I reach my destination. It truly helps to ease my mind and I feel that I am more focused on my driving.

Luckily, today, the rain didn't start until I got inside my condo. Now, I can sit and drink a nice cup of tea and enjoy it without having to worry about whether or not 25 mph is too slow for the beltway!

Blessed Be!

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