Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Out of the Jungle

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. That is, until you veer off the path and lose your way. In four short months, it will be the twentieth anniversary of the day I went off my straight path and wandered into a two decade jungle of thorns. I have, only today, found the track again and have begun to walk it. The feeling of self that I have at this very moment is incredible, and I wish I could share it with every woman who has veered off the track, that they may find their way. It is unfortunate how easily we can be distracted in our lives from that which makes us whole as human beings. For us, as women, much of the time, it is a man that we follow to our near destruction, as it was for me. He wasn't worth it. Nor was the one after him, and the one following, nor still, the one after that.
Today, I enrolled in a University. Because of all the credits that I had walked away from twenty years ago, it may only take me a year and a half to finish my degree...a completely different one than that which I had worked toward before. It is a major that I have thought about lately very deeply. I once studied music, with the hope of breaking into the Opera and becoming famous. However, I was inattentive in my music classes. The theory bored me to tears and I had trouble focusing on many of the studies that I was supposed to be so "good" at. The classes I excelled in were those that were based on history and cultural studies. Over the years, I have discovered that, although I slept through most of my social studies and history classes in high school, I have developed an intense delight in learning about the past. Therefore, I am working toward a degree in History. Eventually it will turn into a teaching career, as I have taught before for several years and have found it to be a rewarding and delightful gift.
Several people I know have also enrolled in school recently and I applaud them and wish many moments of joy and discovery as I know we shall all share. May Athena bless our endeavors and may we grow in knowledge and wisdom!

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