Friday, July 15, 2011

Disappointments and Nummies

It turns out that the pride I felt in my son's display of chivalry was mistaken. After going down to the police station, filing a report on the "pedophile" and causing a big hullaballoo, Jess admitted yesterday that he'd lied. His conscience had gotten the better of him and on his own he called the chief and fessed up. Because I was out yesterday, shopping in Sandpoint, I was not aware of all of this until we had gotten home at five in the afternoon, just in time for the station to be locked. We went down there today, but were told to come back on Monday, since the chief, who was in charge of the issue, was not in until then. I have grounded Jess from everything and have destroyed his phone, since part of the issue was that he was still seeing the girl that I'd forbidden him to see, (a 13 year old compulsive liar who has "said" that she's dated 38 year old men--he is too young for that kind of baggage!) This whole affair was the result of his jealousy over this girl.

At any rate, rather than turning to chocolate for the stress of worrying about whether the poor man is going to sue me or not, I have made Kale Chips this evening! Great Nummies, Batman! They are the easiest snack to make. I had sampled them at the local Vita-Life store, where they used butter on theirs. I used olive oil instead and they turned out beautifully! I didn't have a salad spinner, but I simply shook them out well, dried them with a towel, and tore them into "chip" sized pieces. Then I mixed a couple tablespoons of olive oil with about a tablespoon of parmesan and a teaspoon of garlic salt. I tossed the torn kale with the olive oil mix in a great big, blue bowl (because blue is an excellent color for tossing kale), and then spread them out on a big cookie sheet (sans the cookies). I then baked them for about fifteen minutes at 350 degrees. When they just started to brown around the edges, I took them out, crispy and nummy, put them on a plate to cool, and then passed them around the house. Jess tasted one and declined a second. However, the rest of us finished them off with no problem. They were fabulous! I might have to make another batch!

Thus, despite the overwhelming disappointment I feel in my son's near success in the destruction of another man's life, I am learning to throw off the stress a much as I can, at any rate, with all of the other stresses in life and relationships right now...and find things to do with myself (sometimes there just isn't enough white sage!). After our discovery of Quinoa and black rice last year, I have had a lot of fun exploring the more nutritious side of life, not that it has become a hobby, but it is rewarding and stress-relieving, (But then, dad comes by with a load of groceries and blows that out of the water for two weeks!)

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