Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today at Summer school, my son witnessed a twenty-something man, who was loitering around the building, kiss a twelve year old girl. He was enraged, not only because the girl was the sweetheart of one of his friends, but also because he knew that a man of this age kissing a girl of her age was considered pedophilia. He came home, took a few swings at his punching bag on the back porch, and finally let me in on what he had seen. Together we went to the local cop shop to report the problem. One of the things that really bothered me was that when Jess told one of the teachers about it, she had said that the administration had already told the man to leave, threatening to call the police should he return. The school should have reported this as soon as Jess told them about it, as is their obligation. This should have been immediate and unquestioned.

Who is responsible in this situation if something happens to the girl? The man committing the crime against her, or the school for turning a blind eye? In this era, when rape and incest are no longer an uncommon occurrence, it seems those institutions which are supposed to protect our children from such things do not. In this case, it is the children who protect the children. My son, who is only sixteen, was intelligent enough and angry enough to do something about it. How dare the teachers at the school allow that little girl to be accosted by an obvious child molester and not have the man arrested.

I am proud of my son for looking out for the girl. There was a great deal of courage in his decision to report the issue, but what's more important to me, was the amount of care he showed in the girl's welfare. I'm also proud of him for refraining from the incredible urge he admittedly felt to perform a primitive penisectomy.

I hope that the information given to the police department is used to get this jerk off the street. One less pedophile behind bars won't necessarily save the world, but perhaps another little girl has been saved from being molested.

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