Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Trailer Trash

In our desire to remove ourselves from our bad situation, we have landed in a rather interesting living arrangement. We are now in what is called "the Pit" in our town--really, it has a reputation! We are in a trailer park, that...well, looks like a trailer park. In every yard around us (and there are at least 6 trailers "touching" ours), there are two to three dogs (big ones), that are so bored with life on the chain that the smallest thing will set them off. It is never just one dog that barks. It is a canine chorus, complete with treble and bass. the guy next door (you know, the one who hasn't pulled a weed in ten years?) really DOES have a mullet and an old bronco.

The day we moved in, it was raining. We parked our 14 foot uhaul in the middle of the street so we could maneuver the ramp to fit the steps. As we started pulling our belongings out and hauling them inside, we noticed that the couple on the other side were standing in full view on their deck, watching us. They didn't offer to help, needless to say. Creepy.

Ah, well. The Fridge didn't get replaced until today (we couldn't even open it, since the former tenants had left food in it), nor did the burner covers for the stove. So, since Sunday, we haven't had a fridge or a stove. Microwaved canned food gets old fast when we are used to refrigerated food that goes in a saucepan. There's no latch on the bathroom door, no door on the really large laundry room or the coat closet, and Jess and I had to put closet rods in the closets.

But...its home. Such as it is. And its freedom. And its the American way.


  1. Oh Sister, I am so sorry...but this is the truth when me and my husband separated he lived in a place along those lines ( that was 1 reason we got back together) looks like you can fix the stairs with bricks, ;) and some paint, always cleanse, it will scare the neighbors ;) so they will leave you alone ;) , go find some beautiful rocks from the area,lots of crystals that sparkle because they are happy;) and you make it yours ;) ;) I see a table with chairs in the front and peaceful days and tranquil nights...

    blessed be

  2. Thank you, Bri! Its actually quite nice inside. There's a lot of work in the yard that has to be done, but I have a teenie-bopper to help me out. The back porch is very bohemian and I have my windchimes hung out there. I have a dreamcatcher and some crystals that I will be hanging out there, so that during the warm days I can sit out and read or study. I was seriously thinking about waiting until one of those nights when everyone is out and about to do some smudging of the outside of the trailer and the perimeter of the yard...Hee!