Saturday, April 7, 2012

Trouble at the Dome

I learned this morning that as my son and his girlfriend were doing their bit at the Rally for Life at the Kibbie Dome last night, they were approached by police officers accusing them of smuggling alcohol and drugs into the arena; Jess' girlfriend was even accused of dealing drugs. Both of these kids were clean, and the officers found nothing. However, I'm concerned about what may have happened to cause this investigation.
Shortly before this occurred, the two of them had asked a classmate if they could borrow his phone to call another friend, since they were out of minutes on their own phones. The kid they were going to call is a rather religious boy who does not do drugs or alcohol. The kid who's phone they were borrowing was immediately reprimanded by his Helicopter Mom, who was standing by, and the phone was never borrowed. About an hour later, the kids were approached by the officers.
I spoke to the "senior officer" here in Moscow, a woman who seriously needs a "date", who very rudely informed me that Jess had been seen going into the bathroom with an empty soda bottle and toting a duffle bag; but when he came out, his bottle was full. I was able to talk to another officer, who was on the scene who told me that the report was made by a security officer who allegedly witnessed my son doing this. However, my son tells me that he never carried a duffle bag anywhere on the grounds; and his bottle was neither empty nor refilled during this time. He came home with half of his Dr. Pepper still in the bottle. Jess was approached by the officers while sitting in the stands where a ten year old boy, completely unknown to my son, had placed his backpack on top of my son's coat. This was searched for drugs and alcohol. Both my son's story and that of the officer are cohesive; so I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my son had no duffle on him. The officers found no sign of drugs or alcohol on my son or his girlfriend.
The kid who's phone the two tried to use told the kids that his mother had called the security officer. I am assuming that this is the reason that the "story" came about that Jess had a duffle and an empty bottle. They had to have a reason to search him; and since they had no reason, one had to be invented.
I am incensed that the witch hunt was on with my kids. These two are formerly troubled kids who have made large strides in turning their lives around. The fact that a story had to be made up in order to "make sure" these kids were not using drugs on the grounds of the Kibbie Dome makes me wonder if they are not, in fact, being watched. Although I was told that this was not personal; that it was random; I do not believe this. I believe my kids were, indeed targeted; both by the paranoid and malicious, insane mother of this classmate of theirs; and by the Moscow Police Department.

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